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Research at the heart of IUT

The R.T.I. (Research, Transfer and Innovation) Centre is IUT Lumière’s research centre.
It is a place of excellence where multidisciplinary research is carried out via joint projects and a place where students come face to face with  different viewpoints.
The research centre’s performance benefits from geographical proximity with research teams and continuous interaction with IUT life and  projects.

Its activities are linked to specific courses at IUT Lumière and support their evolution:
• the work-study programmes and the link with socio-economic key players
• the interaction between the Engineering Sciences and the Human and Social
Sciences disciplines,
• the transfer of knowledge and technology,
• The close ties with economic clusters and competitiveness poles,
• the internationalisation of courses.

The RTI centre challenges positions

International renown

As well as its proximity to IUT courses, the RTI centre also offers a framework for cooperation and exchange that is essential to IUT  lecturers, bringing ongoing assistance to projects and research teams.

International projects such as Erasmus-Mundus projects, EuropeAid ETHICS-FED and SQUARE projects, the European projects  ANR-ARP Futurprod, FP7 FITMAN, FP7 EASY-IMP, would not have been possible without this interaction.

These projects are an opportunity to compare the approaches developed by IUT Lumière since its creation with those of other establishments who favour the work-study programme approach. They also represent an opportunity to further our knowledge of practices used by foreign associates, such as the German DUALE system.


Updated September 12, 2016

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Director of R.T.I. Centre
+33 (4) 78 77 31 46
+33 (4) 79 65 44 95
Direction assistant
+33 (4) 78 77 44 91

Anne-Sophie LELONG
International Relationships Coordinator
+33 (4) 78 77 24 60
Communication officer
+ 33 (4) 78 77 43 86
Université Lumière Lyon 2